Work part time as nurse for United Health Group

Clinical Careers at United Health Group is looking for nurses who can work in OT or in emergency situation. Nurses are there to take care of the patient when admitted in the nursing home. The Emergency room nurse is the person who takes care of the patient immediately after he is admitted under emergency condition. They are a group of specially trained professionals who are eligible to work under pressure.

Job Description of part time nurse:

  • Gives the basic life support to the patient. Then plans out the treatment procedure and informs the health care team.
  • Monitors patient’s condition.
  • Evaluates the condition of the patient and works directly under the physician.
  • She is the person who takes care of the patient in the initial stage.
  • Gives first aid, like cleaning and bandaging the wounds and cuts.
  • Records the condition of the patient.
  • Guides about the post treatment home care.
  • Explains the diet, nutrition and exercise of the patient.

Job Duties of part time nurse:

Below mentioned is the list of key skills needed to succeed in the nursing career

  • As nurse, you will have immense amount of work pressure. So you have to be very flexible.  Depending on the nature of the emergency work, you duty can change. You will have no control on the work load. There will be no fixed job routine, so be prepared to reorganize your work according to the situation.
  • Must be able to work hard. Ability to handle stress and pressure.
  • Good communication skill is required. You will constantly communicate with your patient or patient’s family. So the nurse should be able to speak clearly under pressure.

Qualification for part time nurse:

To become an emergency room nurse, the person should attend registered nursing program.

  • A certified emergency room nurse must complete the nursing course. This is 2 to 4 years course.
  • The nurse can either complete an associate’s degree, a diploma in nursing or a bachelor degree.
  • In the bachelor’s degree, the student is exposed to clinical practice. This is very helpful.

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