Work From Home Telesales Job On Hourly Remuneration and Commission

You will work for Allied Powder Coating, an industry leader in powder coating and plating in Houston area, serving commercial, residential and industrial customers. Allied has been in business since 30 years and operates from a 76000 sq. ft facility, one of the largest in the State.

Job Requirements
Working from home using your telephone you will initiate calls to prospective customers to generate positive interest in decision makers leading to buy decisions. Your forte is to create a strong first impression and generate value proposition during initial introduction to be followed up with sales. You will receive call lists and databases to work on. You will understand the products, explain the strong points in a persuasive, convincing, motivating way to engage prospects right from the start and spiral the interest upwards towards conversion. In addition, chosen candidates will prepare and submit sales report and coordinate with headquarters with a view to optimize process, discuss refinements and generate improvements on an ongoing basis.

Candidate qualifications and requirements
You must be outgoing, convincing, patient, possess excellent communication skills, computer proficiency, have insight and an ability to develop rapport on first contact and a thirst to earn money. In addition, you must have a computer at home with high speed broadband internet. Allied will provide IP phone. One year prior experience in cold calling is desirable but not absolutely necessary. Knowledge of Quickbooks and desirable.

Remuneration and rewards
Chosen candidates will be paid on an hourly basis referenced to work and output. In addition, commission is paid on positive conversions as an incentive to excel.
Please send resume and cover letter to the following id with reference to Monster Ad:
[email protected]
In the Subject Line, please list: Telesales 10.24.2013


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