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Position: Freelance Media Research expert

Company: Publicis Group agency

Location: LA

An individual who is reaching on a specialized subject is called a researcher. Freelance Media Research expert’s task is to perform systematic investigation on a subject. The researcher can work in any field, namely industrial, academic, science, and government or for any private firm. It is a higher branch of any subject which involves special analyses and in depth study.

Job Description of the Freelance Media Research expert

The Freelance Media Research expert is a person who has to collect data about a topic and then analyze the information. The process ends with an evaluations report. The process includes,

  • Planning an information collection
  • Recognizing the problem
  • Analyzing the purpose of conducting research
  • Writing down the questions for research
  • Investigation and understanding of the data
  • Presenting the evaluation of the research

Job Duties of the Freelance Media Research expert

 The job of a researcher is highly technical. Depending on the expectation of the client the person has to search the relevant information. Freelance Media Research expert then takes help of the sources from the multimedia and then combines the data.

  • Collect information
  • Arrange the database.
  • Organize and analyze the information as and when required.
  • Use modern technology like internet to carry out in depth research on the topic
  • Provide necessary information about the topic.

Anyone who is interested in the above mentioned profile of Freelance Media Research expert must possess 8 years of relevant experience. Send your resume to [email protected]


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