Work from Home as Logistics Support Staff – Part Time jobs

U-Haul Emergency Road Service needs support staff to assist in its national and international hire operations. This is a work-from-home, part-time position with convenient work hours and industry standard compensation.


Selected candidate will work as emergency road service agent. He or she will answer calls from customers in need of assistance while they are on the road. Job responsibility is to understand the issues faced by a client, offer technical or other guidance for on the spot resolution where possible. If this is not possible then the service agent takes it to the next level by coordinating with appropriate support staff for timely, satisfactory services. Apart from interacting with customers, candidates also need to be available for contact by office staff for instructions or guidance. Candidates will follow up with clients to ensure they are satisfied and will have to maintain documentation of all such processes from start to finish.


  • Candidate must be available 24x7x365 to attend to emergency calls and serve clients, even on holidays and weekends.
  • Candidate must have a defined work area with computer running Windows with messenger, VOIP and chat software installed with USB headset and fast 1 MBps or greater speed wired internet access.
  • Candidate must be ready to undergo training at our office and then periodically refresh skills with on-the-job training for continuing progress.
  • Candidate should be a self-starter, able to set and meet targets and translate company’s objectives to concrete results.
  • Candidate must have exceptional speech abilities with clear diction, articulate and fast thinking.
  • Candidate needs to have good soft skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, cognitive, problem solving and decision making abilities.
  • Knowledge of local geography, roads, routes
  • Fast typing speed, computer applications familiarity and some call center experience
  • Should be able to devote minimum 32 to 40 hours each week and in any case, must be available between specified hours.

Desirable Qualifications

  • This is a high-pressure job calling for a cool head to handle time-bound processes with patience and finesse. As such, candidates must have superior abilities as regards comprehension, interaction, creating goodwill and moving to resolving difficult cases.
  • One or two years of work experience in similar position is a desirable feature thought not necessary.
  • Candidates with knowledge of automotive functions, road services and mechanics receive preference.

We work 24×7 throughout the year and prefer service oriented people for this part-time position.

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