Work from Home as a Reservation Representative

Reservation Sales Representatives required to work on Part time basis, from home.

You may now work as a Reservation Sales Representative from the comfort of your home and earn a living. The Contact Center for Enterprise Holdings EAN services is looking for young and dynamic graduates to work as Reservation Sales Representatives. The candidate will be expected to receive all inbound calls from US and Canada and help customers in solving their problems. They will be assisting customers in various issues related to reservation.

As a Reservation Sales Representative you will get complete training from the company. You will also get other privileges and get a scope of working in the professional environment from the comfort zone of your home.

Job Profile:

We are in search of candidates who are ready to take new challenge everyday and are prepared to offer absolute services to the customers. The candidate should be focused about handling customers and is willing to help them to solve any query.

Key activities as a Reservation Sales Representative

  • The right applicant should be able to attend virtual training classes 4 days a week.
  • Have to work in the afternoon time and in the weekend he has to work in the evening.
  • Initially the candidate will get $12.10 per hour and can earn performance bonus on top of that.

Responsibilities of the Reservation Sales Representative

  • Should be able to handle inbound calls efficiently
  • Efficiently handle all office reservations and help in promoting the brand
  • Should be able to produce result oriented performance
  • Ability to solve complex tasks efficiently
  • Ability to multi task
  • Problem solving

Knowledge and key Skills

  • A quick learner
  • Computer proficiency is essential
  • Good typing speed
  • Self starter,
  • 6 months working experience in sales job is essential for this position.

9 thoughts on “Work from Home as a Reservation Representative

  1. To whom it may concern:
    I am interested in the following part time position please:
    Work from Home as a Reservation Representative: I firmly believe I fit the criteria of:
    ■A quick learner (This is a given in my position)
    ■Computer proficiency is essential – (a natural part of my employment)
    ■Good typing speed (in excess of 50 words per minute)
    ■Self starter, (Once again in Sales this is a given)
    ■6 months working experience in sales job is essential for this position. (I have over 20 years internal and external successful sales experience.)
    I furthermore have no doubt that I will be able to exceed the responsibilities of the Reservations Sales Representative. I am based in Cape Town South Africa and look forward to hearing from you. Please be advised that I am a serious applicant, I don’t believe in wasting any persons valuable time and expect the same respect in turn. Thank you for your time. Have a good day. Kind Regards Ms Naidoo

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