Work as an online faculty sitting at home. Work through internet from your home.

Earn money from home while working as an online tutor. Work from home as a teacher. The supervisory head of the online faculty is Online Director of Education who complies with standards of assignment its submission and course curriculum as laid by Ross.

The online faulty is responsible for the total execution of the teaching curriculum through learning tools and student interaction as well as report writing. The faculty subject proficiency is the primary requisite.

Responsibilities of an online faculty

Virtual class room etiquette and management through technology and time bound session interaction and follow-up; Student evaluation and extra coaching when necessary. Teaching allied to school principles and guidelines. Well versed with Ross Code of Ethics and Faculty Code of Conduct.

The online faulty requires prior groundwork for classes and record maintenance. The individual needs of the students are to be solved and performance level intimated periodically; Coordination with school study agenda necessary; in-service activities every fiscal year mandatory.

 Job Obligations

The online tutor must have in-use licenses, certificates, or equivalent from local, state or federal laws in specified area. A recognized graduate degree in teaching subject with three years of occupational experience or four year job related training and work experience for non-graduates is essential

Added to all this is the soft skill training in communication and inter personal interaction, online teaching intricacies familiarity, and personal computer with high speed internet connection a must.


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