Part time jobs for Freelance Copy Editor / Proofreader / Blog Writer

The work of a copy editor includes writing the news, formatting it and then presenting it properly so that it can be printed on the newspaper. Once the reporter has written the content, the editor has to check it properly and see that the text is accurate. It is the final step in the editorial cycle. The person has to proof read the copy properly so that it can be published properly.

Job Description of a copy editor

The job of the copy editor includes:

  • Checking text thoroughly so that it’s accurate and well written.
  • Have to use apt grammar and spelling.
  • Go through the facts.
  • Page make up has to be done properly.
  • They also write the headlines and the main introducing paragraph of the report.

 Job Duties of freelance copy editor

The duties of the copy editor will include the following

  • He has to work with the editorial assistant.
  • He has to edit the articles and then format it properly.
  • Use apt spelling and grammar.
  • Suggest the editorial department about article topics.
  • Proof read the content.
  • Checking facts that are mentioned in the news.
  • Must have 5 to 7 years of work experience in copy editing.
  • Check the captions properly.

Skills needed in copy editing

  • The copy editor should be excellent in writing English.
  • Must have a meticulous approach towards his work.
  • Must be able to work in deadline.
  • Produce best quality work within the time.
  • Ability to focus and concentration power is needed in the editor.
  • Must enjoy reading.

It is a freelance position. Interested candidates may apply here. (Select Seattle office)



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