Online Teachers Jobs – Work from home opportunity

Online Teachers Jobs – Work from home opportunity

Jobs for Online Tutor / Teacher

Job Company: Acadsoc Ltd

Internet technologis have made it possible for you to online from anywhere. After completing studies when you plan your career, you can think becoming Elementary Teacher for work from home positions. A schools teacher is the person who looks after the education of the student. He should be able to help his students in their daily work.

He has specific duties during the classes. Those who are willing to establish a career in the education field may begin with teaching in school.

As an elementary school teacher, you have to take the responsibility of the students of kindergarten.

Job Description of Online Teachers jobs

They are the initial education providers. They teach in the Montessori or Kindergarten schools. They prepare the curriculum and then conduct the classes.

In the Montessori, the teaching system is very different from regular school education. Hence, he has to look in to the over all development of the kid. His role doesn’t end with teaching.

He even works as an instructor and guides the student. In short, he is responsible for the over all growth of the student.

Job Duties

The job duties of an elementary teacher will include;

  • Preparing course plan. They will discuss with other teachers and prepare the curriculum for the particular class.
  • Some of the basic duties include, taking classes and teaching the regular course.
  • Plan out student evaluation program and guide them.
  • Prepare course material and plan out classroom activities.
  • Incorporate special teaching methods as per students need.
  • They are responsible for administration work.
  • Counsel students if and when necessary.


Some of the most essential skills for online tutors job are:

  • They must have motivational and counseling skill.
  •  They should be able to communicate effectively
  • Must be a very good listener.
  • They should monitor students performance
  • They should have analytical sense and solve problem
  • They should be active in both written and verbal communication

You can directly apply to the company through the following link giving reference to an Ad published in Monster.


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