Most powerful advice for marketing jobs

“Know the people” – It’s the golden rule for direct selling. There are a few other things you should know when it comes to direct selling.

  • Make sure you have a goal.
  • Know yourself. Are you charming? Are you persuasive? Do you appear honest? Use your best feature as your tool to convince the prospect.
  • Analyze your target carefully and decide an approach based on your assessment of his personality. You will learn more as you proceed with the pitch based on responses and questions. At some point you will know if prospect is serious or if he is just passing time.
  • Most people can be undecided.
  • You can tackle this by being highly convincing, asking them their reasons for hesitations, offering full guarantees and promising them full satisfaction. Strike while the iron is hot.
  • Then there are people who are serious but who are always considering each matter with care. Say you understand and that you will call. Keep in touch and do not directly start by asking about their decision. Chit chat about general matters and at the end just say you are waiting for their decision and that you are sure they will decide in your favor.
  • Be well informed about products and services. Do not bluff. People are smart enough to make out when you are bluffing.
  • Do not be impatient or try to rush prospect into making up his mind.
  • Do not appear overbearing or too smart. It puts off people.
  • Do not try to put pressure. It may rebound.
  • Do not beg people to buy.
  • Try to emphasize the value of the product for the customer and how it gives more return than money invested.
  • After the talks do not just say thank you and good bye. Ask for sale, not directly but indirectly like saying “how many shall I book for you?”