High paying Jobs for 15 year olds and the teens below 18 years. Also for Seniors

High paying Jobs for 15 year olds and the teens below 18 years. Also for Seniors

Here are some ideal home based jobs that you can do during lockdown.

Jobs for 15 year olds and above: Jobs that hire at 15 are available all over the world. In the United States of America, although you are not be legally eligible to work unless you have attained the age of 18, still there are thousands of opportunities you can join as under 18 candidate.

These jobs for 15 year olds are universal in nature and you can earn much more than a monthly salary. Even you can earn more than what the senior professionals are earning. You can earn in Amerca, UK, South Africa, Australia, Canada, India or anywhere in the world.

Here are some advises for jobs for 15 year olds, 13 or 14 or 16 or any age below 18.

Remember, in the world of internet, anyone can earn through online jobs. But you will have to find the real ones.

Never join any job that asks for money when you join. Because, a genuine job provider will never ask for money.

Whatsapp message sending job: Do you know that you can also earn by sending Whatsapp messages on behalf of companies. You can do it from any countries.

Contact the marketing department of a company and discuss about this service. They will be happy to set some business leads through you.

Freelance writing: If you have good writing skills, you can earn a good amount. Contact the SEO companies through email. Write an email to them offering your writing services.

You can earn $10-$30 per page. You can earn up to $ 300 dollar per day by writing 10 pages daily.

Tutoring: Teach the children in your locality. You can charge a good amount from their friends.

Tourist guide jobs: Go to any tourist destination near your place. Know about the place first. Then directly talk to the tourists randomly and offer to be their guides in their tour. You can earn good tips.

Internet marketing: Learn internet marketing. You can learn it in just 3 months. Learn SEO, running Google Ads, email marketing etc.

Then write emails to the companies offering your services. You can work from home for them without meeting them personally.

Photography: Click photos and sell the photos to websites like shutterstock etc.  It’s  ideal jobs for 15 year olds.

Telemarketing jobs for 15 years old:  Identify a product available in your city at a cheap price. Then start randomly calling 50 people per day to sell that product.

If somebody agrees to buy, deliver the product at a higher price.

Social Media posting: If you have many followers and fans in social media, you can earn money by posting updates on behalf of some companies and their products.

English teaching: You can teach English through Skype to many foreign students. You can accept the payment through Paypal.

Join some English learning forums and write about your interest to teach English. People will contact you.

Note: Browse through our site. You will get lots of such jobs. Never pay money to anyone for a job. A genuine job provider will never ask for money