Job Openings for Home Care Aide – Active Treatment Associates

Job Openings for Home Care Aide – Active Treatment Associates

CLW provides day habilitation and vocational services to physically disabled adults. For their ongoing programs they need Active Treatment Associates to work in various locations.

Job Description:

Active treatment Associates primarily deliver physical assistance to clients at their homes while implementing CLW’s programs. The objective is to help clients achieve a degree of physical and mental independence. Candidates shall be responsible for motivating clients, assisting them physically, meeting their physical and personal needs and contribute to training a client to achieve a variety of skills to adapt to their situation. Candidate maintains documentation, designs behavioral strategies and protects clients from physical and verbal abuse during the care program as also comply with client’s service plans and report adverse incidents. Candidate is also responsible for transportation and to ensure that motor vehicles are well maintained.

Qualifications and Experience as well as requisites:

Candidates applying for the job must have previous working experience with physically or mentally challenged people and in implementing similar programs as well as interactions. Candidate must be able to communicate, have sound grasping power and patience. A minimum high school diploma is all that is necessary allied with experience.

The job entails a candidate must be physically fit, athletic and be able to assist client with personal care and mobility, move and position as well as transport clients. He must also be patient, lend a helping hand and ear for physical and emotional support. Candidate must have some mechanical skills and be able to drive clients or ride in their automobiles.

Selected candidates are eligible for full medical and other benefits as well as paid holidays in addition to good industry standard remuneration.

 Interested candidates can apply here


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