2021 sassy Instagram Captions, Bio ideas, selfie quotes  for Facebook profile picture

2021 sassy Instagram Captions, Bio ideas, selfie quotes for Facebook profile picture

World’s best captions are here. Feel free to use it in your profiles or Photos on Instagram, Facebook etc. All captions and selfie quotes are written by  the best writers in the world.

 Top 10 sassy Instagram captions (Can also be used for Facebook profile pictures, selfies etc.) 

Whatever I post, it becomes the talk of the town


All of my Instagram photos are taken by NASA from the space


You are just nothing until you are being gossiped


Awesome to the good, and worst for the bad


Earlier I did not have an Instagram account. Then the owner invited me


See it one, See it twice, then thrice and so on and on and on


It wouldn’t have happened in a better way!


I am bold because, I have too many brave followers on Instagram


I am too hot to handle. Always keep a water bottle ready before you follow me


Some Short Captions for Instagram & Facebook


Once in a lifetime pic


I am good as per my own definition


Instagram exists because of me


My profile is my Karma


Yes, I have hot looks! Hope you jealous enough


Let me redefine #OOTD – Outfit of the decade!


Get a glass of wine and shine!


Another hit to my coolest collection


Dreamer, wanderer and whatever you can say!


Long Instagram bio that you can use for all purposes on all social media accounts and pictures

We know when the refreshing cold breeze strikes us every morning, that we are ready to welcome the day with strength and good will.


They say you only live once. I say you live everyday but die only once.


If the grass isn’t greener on the other side, go towards more sides.


We might get used to the cemented forest built around us now, but our true satisfaction will always be felt when we are amidst the magnificence of nature.


A better you potentially emerge after every passing day, so never fall behind because of hardships or failures.


The way you are reflects the personality that can either attract or repel the people around you.


We are bound to do our job to survive. A lion never wakes up thinking he’ll skip searching for prey because he feels lazy.


The best part about the cycle of life is that after every coming night, emerging darkness and storms, there’s always a brighter day to follow.


I have three hobbies. One to make me happy, one to keep me healthy and one to make money.


REMINDER: Not every day is for us. It’s like a game where losing is always a part of it.


Latest Instagram captions for everyone .

I am not God that you believe in my existence only when you are in trouble


I cannot make you happy ? But who told you that it’s my job to make you happy!



My heart is made of diamond. If you need it you behave like a prince


I am the rare combination of cute, hot, brave, bold and intelligent person.


When I go out, even the sun stares at me


I was invited by the owner of Instagram to open an account


I have heard that in  the next Olympic, there will be a gold medal for best selfie


My life is moving fast. So, my photos are always blur


You are too poor to follow me


Don’t take my kindness as my weakness


Creative Captions for Facebook profile pictures and Instagram photos


Instant Shanti Shanti Shanti


Maybe I am poor in the quantity of friends. But I am very rich in the quality of friends


I am hot, so keep distance.


Don’t study me. It’s not in  the syllabus of your university


It’s not my girlfriend’s job to love me. It’s my own job to love myself


Judge me only if you are a god


I wake up very late. Because, I need more time for my big dreams


I am the girlfriend of myself


I am the boyfriend of myself


I am not a magician. But whatever I do, works like a magic


Latest short selfie quotes for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.


Please Write ABCD for my Selfie. A = Attractive, B= Beautiful, C= Cute, D= Dull, E = Excellent, or F


This selfie of mine was taken by NASA


Yes, I am selfish. Because I am taking a selfie


Flirt is my birth right


I look the same in my passport and Aadhaar card too


I am the character from a science fiction


Need a thief to steal my heart


I don’t make my lips pointed when I take a selfie


The photograph was taken when the tem “Selfie” was not invented


I am happy. Add , me as your friend if you want to be happy too


Short Captions for selfies and images on Instagram & Facebook

Your father asked me to take this selfie


My selfie is my identity


Ching Phung fa – I write the caption in Chinese so that no boy can understand


The final selfie after 22 retakes


My job is to take selfie. Will anybody pay me for this?


Please Write ABCDEF for my Selfie. A = Attractive, B= Beautiful, C= Cute, D= Dull, E = Excellent, or F


Being bold is not being sold


I should send this selfie to which channel? 1. FTV  2. STAR WORLD 3. BBC, 4. DISCOVERY

Please comment.


My smile is my weapon


Is there any job for taking selfie?


This selfie is 100 years old


Don’t sell your Selfie


Me, Myself & My Selfie


10 best Attitude Captions for Instagram, Facebook, Selfie and profile pictures


50% bold, 50% bright


My blood is blue


If you are a princess, I am your prince


Nobody’s life is perfect. But everyone’s pictures are perfect on Instagram


I work part time. But I Instagram Full time.


My job is to search a job for myself


I was standing outside the exam hall. Because I want to show an outstanding result


I am the citizen of Instagram. Do you belong to the same country?


Yes, I have the guts to post a selfie without a filter


I am not a man…. ( I am a superman)


Tell me something, And I will tell you everything


On Instagram, you can only see one side of my life. Come to my life to see it completely


Beautiful Captions for Facebook profile pics and images


I have a dislike button too


I only asked Zuckerberg to launch Facebook


Oh life, no matter how far you go, I will always keep on living you


What you see on Facebook is only the brighter side of life. You never see the dark side that everyone has


I wish, Facebook had bridges, not walls


A bad girlfriend will always be a good wife


A bad boyfriend will always be a good husband


When I travel to a new destination, I discover a new dimension of life


I love Facebook because all my beautiful friends are here


Some creative Facebook captions ( Can also be used as Instagram bio)

Life is precious, Don’t waste it on Facebook


Will you lend me your Face Book for  a day?


If you send me friend request, I am proud of you


Just relaxing as I have so many things to do


A topper from the University of Facebook


The purpose of my life is to be happy


Eat, Drink & Facebook


I am hard worker on Facebook


I am living the life in my own terms. It’s my life and I love it a lot


Everyday is a gift to me from God. I try to make the most of it


I aspire to fly higher and higher and touch the clouds to tell them the stories of my life


10 short captions for Facebook profiles 


Bet you will scroll down once again!


You have just landed on the biggest social media addict profile


Trust me, that’s all about my life


I wonder if Facebook was not there, my life would have been so lonely


The most happening person of the most happening portal


Ping me anytime and I am busy!


I am living life in just the way I should


Capturing every moment of my life the fullest


Adding life to dull days


Storing all the good things that I would cherish for the rest of my life


10 Facebook captions and Instagram bio ideas for boys and girls   


Don’t speak too much just act rightly


Not only be honest try to be straightforward


Never stop just continue, you will achieve success


Good things come after all with your robust hard work and efforts


Choose things which you cannot accomplish


Leave nothing for tomorrow, do all now


Learn to face your problems always


Accept challenges in life that will make your bold and powerful


Cool thoughts make you great in life


Try to be happy in limit and of course you will receive unlimited one day


10 latest selfie captions for Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp


Hands up! Now click a selfie. LOL!


We are selfie kings! Why should girls have all the fun!


Morning selfie, Mid day selfie, Evening selfie, Good night selfie, that’s all in my daily routine


A selfie a day keeps me happy all the way.


Selfie is mandatory as it captures every moment in its best way.


This selfie truly defines the inner me!


The other side of mine is this


Simplicity and elegance, both are side by side!


When the hottest selfie queens meet


I was camera conscious until selfies came in trend


10 latest caption for Instagram, Facebook, Selfie and profile pictures on social media 


Facebook is the country where everyone can live without a Visa


I am the commander of my life


Date Me, Don’t Hate Me


I love my office, because, they don’t block Facebook


Facebook is the only book that I read everyday


I am living just for Facebook only


Nothing is more beautiful than a smile


Nobody is as happy as it appears on Facebook


Dear Zockerber, why you made Facebook. I am wasting all my time on it


The friend who gives you maximum like is your best friend


Some short Instagram bio ideas for boys & girls

My bio is 100% organic. If you have any toxic element in you, kindly don’t enter


Live in my heart. Because, in my brain only the enemies live


No, DM please. Because, I will not reply


Don’t trust me. Because, I will not trust an unknown too


My life is a big mess! View my profile carefully


I am unknown to you. If you care to know me, your life will not be the same again


Caution! Risky profile! Only the brave people are allowed to follow


Some long selfie captions and instgram bio for everyone


Never underestimate yourself because even you aren’t aware of your highest capabilities.


People will always try to bring you down, remember! The obvious thing to do is not fall to their level.


Ugliness is just a construct as is beauty. Your personality will eventually define how beautiful as a human being you are.


Does the ghosts of your past haunt you? Worry not! Because the fairies of your future are also waiting to greet you.


Don’t be selfish and keep clicking selfies.


My own life is my biggest textbook to learn from.


Your facial reflection is only the first page of yourself. There’s a lot of climax as the reader goes on.


Don’t always fall for popular trends, sometimes you can do more and start one of your own.


Aging is only a process. All the good things within and around you will always last forever in your heart. The happiness will keep you young as well!


Narcissism is different from self-appreciation. One can always learn to draw the line and retain a better character.


Some latest Instagram bio examples for boys and girls


Situations may not be fascinating, but pictures can be!


The one and only online album


Capturing all the moments of life


Goal to inspire those who are worth it!


All tiny moments can be stored in a moment


Scroll down to see from where I had begun!


My life story in the form of pictures


To know me, it’s not so important to meet me


My own way of picture story telling


Memories saving regime on!


Don’t Love me. Just follow and Like Me


The extraordinary profile of an ordinary girl


I don’t have many followers. But the ones I have are precious