How to ask for a salary hike to your boss. Learn the Tips by experts

Salary is an integral part of job. Everyone works for money. But when an employee feels that the payment is not enough or is less than his contribution made towards the company, he wishes to ask the boss for a salary hike.

In order to ask for a hike, the employee may follow the fundamental way of asking for salary hike, that is, discuss about his job responsibility handling and performance over the yearly appraisal meeting.

This meeting gives each and every staff a scope to discuss clearly with the employer about his performance, duties performed etc and how far he is unhappy with the package offered.

Another way of asking for a hike is by working excellently when the boss mentions about sale based increment offers or performance bonus. Thus after reaching the target, it would be easy for the staff to directly discuss about his performance and request for the raise.

Next, is when an employee working in the same domain gives scope to the employees to learn about the payment of other companies in the same sector in the market.

Professional association and salary survey helps in networking and building better relationship. Thus they find out about salary and can mention salary competitiveness to ask for a raise.

When another firm is paying more for a particular job or to a particular profile, it becomes easier for a staff to ask for a raise by citing examples of competitive company. Thus there are various ways of asking for a hike, that may be implemented by the staff.

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