Home based telephone call receiving jobs in a publicly traded company

About the Company:

AlarmForce, a publicly traded home security company in America with a clientele base of over 250000 spread across the country, with a presence in Canada, and a work force of over 200, is looking for a Sales representative to work from home.

Job Requirements

Fort Lauderdale based candidates. Candidate will work as a sales representative in telesales focusing on retail business development by converting callers into customers.   The job does not involve any cold calling or telemarketing.

All that a candidate needs to do is respond to inbound calls, handle people with extreme tact and skill and convert them into customers through product and service education. Apart from inbound calls, candidate needs to initiate follow up calls, maintain contact and bring such potential targets to point of buy. Selected candidates will receive training prior to starting work.

Candidate profile

Candidates applying for the job must possess good communication skills, enjoy chatting, be able to empathize and persuasively to engage and retain callers. Candidate must have computer and high speed internet. This is a full time job so candidate must be able to devote the entire day to work. Enthusiasm, quick wittedness, learning abilities and people handling skills are desirable.


The job pays about $ 45000 annually. In addition, there are incentives and bonuses based on performance in a highly challenging but rewarding environment with ample opportunities for growth. The company recognizes and values performance and provides the right growth prospects.

AlarmForce has a strong work ethic tempered by positive enjoyment of life.

How to Apply:

Send your resume with a cover letter to [email protected]

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