Earn money by posting updates on Facebook – Apply (Free to join)

111ideas promotes different types of products and services of their clients on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networking sites. You can earn money by giving updates on your Facebook page regarding some products that the company will share with you. You can earn extra income while having Fun on internet. This job is free to join. There is no registration fee.

How to Apply: To apply for the job, you have to post an update on your Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin by copying and pasting the sentence given below  –

“Earn money on your free time through Facebook, Visit www.PartTimely.com “

If more than 20 friends likes it, you will qualify to join this job.

If you qualify just write an email to [email protected],com with your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin id. We will send you the details.


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  1. I want to make some cash by posting comercials in my page, same time want this advertisement posting on it without my control or authorization to be removed.

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