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A Dallas based marketing company needs a proficient and dynamic administrative assistant for its owner. This is a full time occupation with the assistant working mainly from home, occasionally meeting the owner for reviews, to update him and to obtain further instructions.

Job Responsibilities of Administrative Assistant

This is mainly a work-from-home position involving routine activities such as:

  • Managing calendars and appointments for the owner;
  • Tracking various activities and scheduling
  • Reports
  • Correspondence—personal and business mails with a high degree of skill and polish

Apart from official functions the assistant should be prepared to handle personal matters like running errands and picking up cleaning and sundry other activities. The administrative assistant required must have a high degree of intelligence, able to take in rapid, brief instructions and act on them decisively.

In the owner’s absence, the administrative assistant will be required to handle most of the duties. Therefore, a high degree of skills, computer familiarity, interpersonal skills, marketing skills and communication skills backed by plenty of experience will be points of consideration in the selection process.

Candidates short-listed for the position must pass drug test and background checks.

Remuneration and benefits are industry standard and there is flexibility as well as opportunities for advancement.

Contact Details:

Cerami Search Group

311 N. Market Street, Suite 200
Dallas, Texas 75202

Email for this particular job: [email protected]

Email for General info  [email protected]


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