Work as an online teacher, credentials not mandatory. Earn sitting at your home.

You can work as an online teacher and teach students all over the country. You can work in this domain as a part time teacher and offer assistance in various subjects like math, English etc.  You can work only 6 hours in a week and work from 430 in the evening till 9pm. Just all you have to do is offer simple solution to tough problems through the easy solution guide.

Key work for an Online teacher

  • Teach and engage students in the study session
  • Do teach properly and perform administrative duties when needed
  • Help in completing school assignments and special projects

Qualifications needed for an online teacher

  • The applicant must have one year teaching experience
  • Should be free to work from 4:30 to 9pm every day.
  • Must have a personal computer for apt communication
  • Relevant work experience will give an edge in the domain

As an online teacher you will get between $ 15 to $ 18 on per hour teaching class. The rate will vary as per the attendance of students in your class. You can also work for 12 hours in a week.

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