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Dynamic Staffing Services is looking for a Human Resource Executive who can work from home and help the firm in finding the right candidates. Dynamic Staffing is a 37 year old firm and is known for helping companies in finding the right candidate for all these years. They have helped different companies like Oil, gas, Civil, marine etc in finding the right candidate for a particular post. Even today they assist in picking the most suited candidates in the IT Firm.

Thus irrespective of vertical, Dynamic services has always helped in finding the right candidate for a company. To do these HR jobs, the firm is urgently looking for someone who can work from home and help other firms in recruiting work.

Job Description

  • Find people who are willing to work from the home set up
  • Monitor candidates who are wiling to work from home
  • Maintain a record of all short listed candidate so that they can be immediately contacted if and when needed
  • Follow up with the applicant


  • Experience of working in HR department is essential
  • Must have a diploma in Human resource
  • Must a domestic computer set up
  • Should be able to work at flexible hours
  • Have the ability to understand who should fit the desired post
  • Attend meeting
  • Arrange HR activities and training session

 Interested candidates can send their resume to enquiry@dss-hr.com with reference to an ad published on Monster.


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